6 simple ways to can love a Black person

First, Ahmaud Arbery was shoot down. Then, George Floyd was suffocated on asphalt of Minneapolis. Amy Cooper called 911 desperately crying that she was being attacked by a black man who in reality stood far away from her video taping her dangerous little drama.  It’s been a parade of terribly sad events for America. And… Continue reading 6 simple ways to can love a Black person

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Love Notes

I became a teenager when the “Purity Culture” in the height of its intensity. I read I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris and When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. God was going to send me my Prince Charming on a dazzling unicorn and we would be swept up in… Continue reading Love Notes


Thanks for the Sweater

Dear Romeo, Our story was like a fairytale something that only happens in the movies or novels. I could see you orbiting like a moth circles a flame. Gently enough that it showed your interest, but not enough that it was creepy. You were lingering in my peripheral vision. It wasn’t until you wandered back… Continue reading Thanks for the Sweater


Reflections from the 3 biggest cities in the U.S.

Last year, I did a little bit of traveling. Without even realizing it I visited three of the biggest cities in the United States. Quite by accident. If I had gone to a popular church conference (GYC for those who know) I would have made it to the fourth biggest city. I actually hate cites.… Continue reading Reflections from the 3 biggest cities in the U.S.

Nursing Notes

Nursing 10 Months In

It’s hard to believe that I have been practicing nursing for about 10 months. It’s already been over a year since I passed the NCLEX. I am pretty sure my coworkers are still highly skeptical of me; however, my patients adore me.  I am starting to feel at home even though I was highly skeptically… Continue reading Nursing 10 Months In

Giving Back

Reflections from AMEN clinic as a Medical Professional

In 2017, I went to my first AMEN clinic. I was a new nursing grad who was still studying for the NCLEX. That year I worked as a traffic controller/interpreter. I loved every moment of it. I was just a little bit curious what it would be like to serve in an AMEN clinic as… Continue reading Reflections from AMEN clinic as a Medical Professional


Reflections on Being Available this Summer

There are people like Abraham who left his homeland to go to a place he didn’t even know because God said to. Although my parent have done this multiple times, I still like to be stable. I still hesitate when called into the unknown. Sometimes, my actions seem impulsive, but generally I have been quietly… Continue reading Reflections on Being Available this Summer