3 features at West Guajataca Tunnel Beach

Just between Isabella and Quebradillas on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico is the Guajataca tunnel. It’s an old railroad tunnel. While the tunnel is pretty interesting, the beach on the other end is even more interesting. Here are three reasons why.

Tide pools

When I visited this beach, I hadn’t seen tide pools since I was in Oregon. Of course, these little pools aren’t anything in comparison; however, we did spot a sea urchin or two and a whole lot of barnacles. The pattern of the tide pools was very intriguing. They are on top of a rock that looks a bit like an eggshell with patches of algae between. Perhaps, at other times there are other kinds of inhabitants.


The little pine forest

For some reason, I am always surprised when I see a pine forest in alongside a coconut tree and overlooking the beach! Pine forests make me so happy. Perhaps, because I grew up next to a Sika pine forest. Just feels homey and familiar. This particular pine forest had a little place that would be perfect to hang a hammock and look out at the sea.


The boat ruins

Boat ruins are really no big thing in Puerto Rico, but it gave this beach a little more character. I wonder what was the story behind it. Hopefully, no one was injured in the ruining of this boat.


What are three random features about your favorite beach?

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