West Coast Beaches in Puerto Rico

Probably the most famous beaches in the West are Crash Boat in Aguadilla and Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo (which I believe is a myth I don’t think there is such a beach). However, those are not the only beaches in the West. Here are three of my favorite swimming beach out in the West.

Bahía de Boquerón

This body of water is a calm blue expansive collection of water on the shores of the beach village of Boquerón in the city of Cabo Rojo. There is a port on the north side with lots of little sail boats. To the south there is Caño de Boquernón a beautiful lagoon tucked in a bird refuge. It is a home to many animals such as manatees, jellyfish, crabs and herons of different types. The placid water is lined with mangroves. The bay itself is warm and salty. It floor is lined with sand, seaweed and massive starfish. The perfect place for a refreshing morning swim.


Playita Azul (Tres Tubos)

This beach is on the shores of the quiet town of Joyuda just south of Mayaüez. We call it Tres Tubos because of the three little tubitos (PVC tubes) in the entrance to the beach. In the northern part of the beach, there is a shallow bathing area. It is perfect for a relaxing soak. To the south there is a coral filled with sea creatures of every type. We spent hours exploring its underwater wonderland. Swimming over the seaweed and looking at the nooks of fish and coral. The water was like big salty tub, perfectly comfortable.


Puente de Piedra

I have never actually been swimming in this beach, but is inside an adorable little protected cove just West of Cabo Rojo’s famous Playuela (or Playa Sucia). What you don’t want to miss is the natural bridge. Although it is only a couple feet long, it is thrilling to walk across it over the crashing waves and on to the pillar that juts out protecting the cove.


Where do you love to swim?

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