3 Inspiring Pieces of Cinematography to Watch

I am pretty careful about what I read because what you feed your mind is so important. I think of it the same way that I do about eating healthy food. However, for some reason guarding what I watch is a little bit trickier. Especially, when it comes to YouTube. Perhaps, this is because I didn’t really grow up watching much TV or movies so I don’t have as much practice. However, it’s a goal to get better at that. But sometimes I stumble upon something really good that reminds me that I want to be a lot more intentional about what I watch. It reminds me of my principles of fairness, kindness and unconditional love to name a few. Here are three of them.

Moorim School

This TV series is a few episodes long. It is a Korean drama so most of it is in Korean. While I have seen better acting and better scripts, the essence of this story is so beautiful. It’s an allegory about how we ruin the world by trying to attain happiness by selfish means. The whole school finds this out when they get embroiled in a battle between the Destructive Force and the Guardian of the special key to the Cheon Ui Joo (the gem of eternal happiness). Yoon Shi-Woo and Wang Chi-Ang who star in the film and start out as best friends become enemies as they try to solve the mystery. Shi-Woo for good and Chi-Ang for evil. Will these two brother-like friends be enemies for life? Will the Destructive force get the special key? Does the Cheo Ui Joo that everyone is practically killing for actually exist? How often do you see black people like Sam Okere in Korean Dramas? Sorry… I had too.

Moorimschoolposter (1).jpg

Just Another Nice Guy

This mini-series from WongFu examines the friend zone in a frank and realistic way. Often, romantic films have happy endings. This one has a more realistic ending. It reminds me that life is messy and complicated, but that’s okay. Will Derek ruin his friendship with Audrey because he likes her? Yes, a tear dropped out of my eye at the end because it resonated so much. Wongfu is always good for that.



That’s What I am

This film set in a junior-high class room in the ’60s or ‘70s with an average boy, Andy Nichol, trying to find his place in a classroom of popular kids and misfits. He has a crush on the most popular girl at school who has just broken up with the most popular boy and desperately needs to move up in the ranks to get her approval. Just then, his teacher, Mr. Simons, assigns him to one of the biggest misfits, Big “G,” for a class project and he has to brave the shame to get the class project done. The teacher himself is embroiled in a scandal because the town is riddled with a rumor that he is gay. The teacher refuses to acknowledge or deny the rumor insisting that it shouldn’t matter as long as his work ethic is solid. Will Andy get the girl? Will Andy learn a lot from “Big G”? Will Mr. Simons keep his job? Is the rumor true? Does it matter?


What true to life inspiring film or series are you watching?

Photo by Mc Jefferson Agloro on Unsplash

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