Jenks Lake

After being in southern California for 6 weeks, I was tired of the barren wasteland around me and escaped to the San Bernardino mountains. It was so refreshing to breathe the fresh cool, air and see so much greenery. My ears popped with the altitude. I leaned into the rugged trail on the way up to the lake. I let my eyes wander over the vast army of evergreens that crowded the mountains standing at attention over ridge after ridge as far as the eye could see.

My mind wandered back to my youth when the wilderness of the Siskiyou Mountains were my home. I realized why we forest people go hiking. It’s cold and we have to warm up our bodies. In Puerto Rico it’s hot by the beaches and all we want to do it chill and move as little as possible. Here are three things you shouldn’t forget to bring on a hike.

Adequate clothes

I immediately missed my hiking boots when my Sperry’s slipped on the mountain rocks. When I was younger, I hated mountain boots passionately. They would not die for anything. A perfect match for rugged hikes in the wilderness. It’s also important to dress warmly. I was thankful for my friend’s jacket. The one that I had intended on bring would not have been nearly warm enough.



It’s important to bring just enough water. Not too much because wilderness sanitary services can be scary, but not too little either. You need to keep hydrated. My trusty little water bottle was perfect complete with a wrist strap for effortless transport



The best part of the hike was fellowshipping with old friends and making new ones. We chatted in a mixture of Puerto Rican and Colombian Spanish, Spanglish and English. Our travel mates had to ask us what language we were speaking. Well…


I am ready to escape the mountains again! When’s the next trip?

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