4 things you don’t want to miss when you go to Pico Rodadero

Over the summer before I left the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for the not as beautiful desert of California, my friend took me to this stunning mountain lookout in the hills of Yauco 2868 ft above sea level. This is not a famous tourist attraction. Even some Puerto Ricans have never heard of it. The drive alone to the peak is breath-taking. Here are some of the things you don’t want to miss when you drop by.

The cross

The highlight of Pico Rodadero is the cross. Some are brave enough to climb on it or stand on it. Some write their name on it. Whatever you do be careful because it sits next to a very steep slope. If you start rolling down that smooth grassy hilling there no telling that there’s any coming back.
The view
The view is spectacular! You can see the green jungle covered hills of Puerto Rico for miles until they flatten out into the sea. From there they stretch out into the Caribbean Sea. Along the shore, you can see the townships of Guánica in the west and Ponce in the east. Closer to the mountain the sun glistens of Lago Lucchettisome distance away to the west. The cars driving through the Yauco hills below are smaller than ants.

The Rocks

If you don’t climb among the mountain crags to the east of the cross, you really have missed out. This is not for the faint of heart, but it’s well worth it. The most famous rock’s most south facing side decends almost 90-degree angle down the mountain and into the Quebrada Grande valley below. There is a place were two rocks stand side by side with a little passage way between them. At the end of the passage the earth drops of sharply forming a sort of window.

The Detour

On your way to Pico Rodadero we missed a turn and got lost. We started descending the mountain between the twin peaks of Agua Blanca. Suddenly the road inclined steeply downward and began to look very unfamiliar. We parked the car and asked the neighbor for directions. We were very lost. When we got back into our friend’s manual transmission car, the car roared valiantly before sliding back down the to the bottom of the hill. Somewhat alarmed, we got out of the car. Our friend struggled up the hill with the car while we walked. The hike up that road was more difficult than hiking to Pico Rodadero! Perhaps, you had better miss out on this part.
My beautiful island is still being rebuilt after Hurricane Maria. My parents are still without electricity or communication if you are able to help please consider donating here or checking a this previous blog post with more options to donate.


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