Mi Familia se levanta (My family rises again)

Beep… Beep… Beep..

I am always anxious when I talk to my parents. There’s the looming fact that the connection could go down at any moment. Even worst, what if they have a need I can’t meet?

I always wonder if we will fit in everything important. Should I tell them everything that has been going on with me? Or should I listen to everything that has been going on with them? Should I let my dad wax on about the importance of women’s ordination or should I insist that we talk about generator solutions? Honestly, I prefer him to wax because the solutions for the generator are so complicated and I feel so helpless. You really count your blessing in times like these.
This time the phone line cut in the middle of my conversation with my dad. We didn’t get a chance to talk about the generator. I guess we’ll do that next time.
I still remember the relief and happiness when I opened my Messenger app and saw messages from my family.
My dad’s message said: “We are ok. No power, cell phone, internet or gas. We do have food and running water so we are better than most.” 
I probably should have responded with something like: “I am so glad to hear from you!” or “I am glad you’re okay” or even “I love you.” Nah, I said: “Finally.” My family tends to be awkward in those moments.
My brother popped online.
 “Hey,” he said.
“It’s been too long!”
“I hear you were overstressing.”
Well… It’s stressful not to be able to talk to your family for almost two weeks.
I finally got to video chat that day. It was only 20 minutes before the connection cut. I tried calling back to no avail.
Now that communication more periodic, I think about the fact that my family is without electricity. No hot water, no washing machine. How does my sister do her homework? “We just work during the day and sleep at night,” my mom explains.
While this seems like a mission field adventure, it means that my dad who is a freelance software developer can’t work. What if they run out of money for food? Why couldn’t the hurricane have hit after I got my license and after I got a job?
This is the time that it is important to relax while studying for the my nursing exam. I am trying my best, but worry often creeps in. Figuring out the logistics of a generator and finding the money to fund it. Researching satellite internet options.


Your prayers and thoughts are welcome. If you want to help with brainstorming solutions, I am open. If you can donate, that would also be appreciated and you can do so here. Thank you for your support in advance.

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