Healing love

This was supposed to be a post about my #metoo story, but I am not quite ready to share it. A conversation with friend about her horrendous #metoo story makes me not have the strength to write. This was not something that I expected to come that close to home in that gut-wrenching of a way. This is something I can no longer ignore. In the meantime, enjoy this poem I wrote a long time ago about God’s love.

Your love breaks over me
Like a rock in the open sea.
Your love washes me away
Like driftwood toss in the waves.
Your love caresses me
Like the tickle of the gentle breeze


Your love bathes me
Like the warmth of the sunlight.
Your love covers me
Like color paints the sky at twilight.
Your love envelopes me
Like the expanse of a starry night,


 Your love waits for me
Like the open arms of my mother.
Your love makes me listen
Like my sister’s un-evade-able candor.
Your love makes me laugh
Like my brother’s sense of humor.
Your love cleanses me
Like a fresh rainfall.
Your love changes me
Like the elements erosion.

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