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I am privileged

We have been hearing a lot about privilege this days. Especially “white privilege.” If we take a moment to look at ourselves. We will be surprised how much privilege we have. I am a minority. I am also a Black woman. I have privilege. Here are the three most my three most powerful areas of privilege.


I graduated from University last May Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. According to some sources, only 6.7% of theworld has a college degree.  I also graduated from a private university without any debt. None whatsoever. I have heard that 88% of students from for profit universities have student loans. This makes me a lot more flexible perhaps even an asset to a future partner. It opens up opportunities I would not otherwise have. The fact is that, I am an educated female is a huge privilege. This means I can educate. I can write. I can deal with people.


I have had a positive experience with religion. There are a lot of people that don’t have this experience. Religion is full of unChrist-like and judgmental people. While I have had my share of those, I have been able to see past it to the beautiful story of Jesus. I have been able to experience His self-less character for myself. Yes, my mom seems to believe in all that male-headship stuff and wants to safely deposit me in the arms of my husband, but my dad believes in women empowerment. I learn a little bit from both. My religion hasn’t made me a bigot. It has made me a kinder compassionate person. This means I can protest. I can build communities. I can make connections.


A lot of people like to say I am sheltered. In some ways, I am. However, I have lived in three different states. I have been five different countries. I have had conversations with people from all different walks of life. I speak two languages. I understand that just because you speak the same language as a person doesn’t mean they’ll understand what you are saying. I have learned that you have to listen to people’s stories before you can question their beliefs. I have learned to see people’s actions in the context of their backgrounds. This means I can empathize. I can relate. I can develop relationships with new people.
I realize that I have a lot of privilege. It is powerful. It affects my influence. I want to ask you a question. No, I am not going to ask you how you are privileged. That is something you should think about though. Perhaps, even before you answer the following question. I am going to ask you sometime else. Are you using your privilege responsibility?
Privilege isn’t a bad thing. It’s about how you use it. I would challenge you to use it responsibly. It matters.


How are you using your privilege? 
Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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