Memories at Rincon’s Lighthouse

I miss Puerto Rico, but I miss wandering around it with my siblings more. One of my favorite places was the El Faro de Rincón. It had so many facets around it to explore. You could tread over sand to the south or clamber over rocks to the north. You could see the flag planted on the north side of Punta Higuero. You could see the surfers catching waves. Then the sun would slip into the sea with a burst of color. Here are three fun things you should do if you visit.

Have a picnic

There’s nothing like have a picnic on the lawn next to the lighthouse. The ocean breeze is perfect. Food is always better eaten outside. Do avoid the ants. Just so you know, everyone will stare at you. I guess Puerto Ricans don’t have picnics. So, what? Enjoy the moment and the food. Don’t care about what they think.
No, this is not what we ate for the picnic…

Take pictures

It could be long exposure pictures with my sister’s camera or little snaps with my smart phone. This beach is so photogenic I can never help myself. Catching a couple shoots of the ocean will be inevitable. Don’t forget to catch a few candids of your friends and family. Maybe you’ll even snag a random surfer silhouette.
Yep, I caught her!


More importantly explore. Share it with friends. Show it to family. Climb over rocks. Walk to the end of the south side. Stand on the rocky point by the flag. Try not to get doused by a surprise wave.
I got so bored of that place, but I miss it. Even more, I miss the people in the memories.
R and Y after they got caught by an unexpected wave
Where is your nostalgia taking you right now?

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