How to Throw a Successful Party

I am sure that there is a misconception that you simply throw some food and people together. Then, voila! A party emerges. Very funny! I might add a disclaimer. I am not at great party planner; however, I learned a lot from the experts as I planned a party for my grandmother earlier this month.


There’s bound to be a person or group of persons that the party is for. It is key to keep them in mind. My grandmother loves to be surrounded by people she loves preferably talking and absorbing their attention. I knew that she would enjoy something of that nature. My mom does not like to be surrounded by people. She would prefer a small gathering of her family. My siblings usually cook her something special. I also prefer to spend time with a small group of friends. However, big parties can work for introverts as long as you invite people who are dearest to them and distract the others while the introvert interacts with their friends one-on-one.


Have an idea of what you want your party to look like. Think about who can bring those pieces to life. Create a working plan of how to divide the responsibilities. Who is taking care of the food? Decoration? Invitation list? Try your best not overburden any one including yourself. Give everyone as much notice as you can. It isn’t easy to plan a party.


This is the most important part. Give everyone an idea of what’s going on. No body likes surprises especially in a stressful situation. Planning a party is a stressful situation. Work through conflict patiently and find the best compromises.


When, the party rolls around enjoy it. Grab a plate of food. Take some pictures. Connect with the people who you planned the party for.


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