Three Books About Jesus

I admire Jesus. From his radically teachings to his powerful ways of dealing with people, he stands out in all of history. I personally believe that Jesus was not only a great teacher, but also the Son of God. I strive to pattern my life after his in everything I do.

The Holy Week as come and gone. Last week, me and my colleagues spent some time reflecting on the last week of Jesus’ life over one the Haystack. Heather reminded us to be wary of empty praise on Sunday. Bryant reminded us of the story that Jesus told us would be shared wherever the gospel went. I reflected on the time that Jesus got the lowest to serve us. Go check it out. As the Easter festivities fade, spending time to reflect on Jesus shouldn’t. We should set aside sometime to meditate on his life daily.

Of course, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have beautiful eye-witness accounts of the life of Jesus. John being a little more raw and intimate. Aside from the Gospels here are three of my other favorite books about Jesus.

Desire of Ages

This is one of the few books about Jesus written by a woman, so it draws out the inner feminist in me. It follows the life of Christ from beginning to end weaving in stories from word of mouth tradition that are not mentioned in the Bible as well as insights from other parts of scripture. All in all, this creates a more complete picture of the story of Jesus.
I love how she describes Jesus’ struggles with his family in his early years. This reminds me that the even Jesus had difficult relationships with those closest to him. However, my favorite part of the book is the moments before his death. She describes with intimate and rich detail how Jesus carried the whole world on his shoulders, yet took every opportunity to meet the needs of others. The searching glance that saved Peter. The extra effort to gasp for those mouthfuls of air to encourage the thief beside him. I am in awe of this selfless, humble God-man.
I stole this book from my parents who probably stole it from my bookselling grandfather; however, it can be found it a variety of places. Including online here or in a PDF here.

The Jesus I Never Knew

This book was written by a journalist. There is nothing a journalist loves to do more than put aside his or her biases and absorb the facts. That’s what this author does when he strips away our conventional ideas of an anesthetized Jesus –the blond, blue-eye figure crowned with a glowing halo, robed in brilliant white clothes and sitting on a glass stone.  He reminds us that Jesus was a revolutionary who made people uncomfortable with his radical teachings and strange ways of treating people. This book turns my ideas of Jesus on their head and helps me get a better glimpse of what being like Jesus is all about.
I first read this book while borrowing it from a library in San Bernardino and then eagerly bought from Amazon. It’s a keeper.


This is a book in Spanish –my second language. Rumor has it that the author is a very boring orator, but his way with words is amazing. He draws you intimately into Jesus’ interpersonal connections with rich yet simple prose. He brings out the lessons that Jesus sought to teach each person. He shows how Jesus personalized the approach and reached that person where he or she was. Simply beautiful.
I borrowed this book from my library at my university, but I hope to add it to my personal library soon.
This post was originally posted on Emissus
What are your favorite books about Jesus?


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