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How to Land an Interview

As Nursing students, we often focus solely on passing the NCLEX. However, soon the next challenge confronts us –finding a job. From my experience studying for the NCLEX was a piece of cake compared to job hunting. Mainly, because it is very subjective. Everyone has an idea of what will give you an edge. That could be anything ranging from a great looking resume to polished make-up. The outfit must look appropriate but feel great. The variables are just too vast.

Honestly, I don’t know everything. I am not even going to profess to, but here are some of the things that helped me land my first interview.

Get a Mentor

I know that’s what I always say for everything. That’s because it important for everything. I cannot stress it enough. Of course, the best mentor to have is someone who knows about hiring in your field. Let that person review your resume. Allow that person to hold you accountable. There are lots of things in the job search process that are not fun and someone else bugging you to do them helps a lot.

I am a little perfectionist and would love to find a mentor that has similar goals and values to me. Honestly, that isn’t always possible. Just find someone that is successful in what they are doing and is on a similar trajectory to where you want to be.


Fix your Resume/Circum Vitae

This is key. The first thing that drops on a manager’s desk is resume or circum vitae. It needs to be appropriate to your field so get some advice from your mentor on how to make it. Make sure that you have all the qualities that your dream company is looking for such as volunteer hours, certifications ect.


Visit Human Resources

You should visit Human Resources at least once. It will help you figure out what your dream company is looking for. I did this, and I was very informed. I looked great on paper, but nobody knew me. I didn’t have great connections. Of course, the gentleman didn’t say it like that. It was subtly implied. So, I got out there and met people.


Be the first

What landed me the interview? It’s simple. I was one of the first to apply. The job was posted that day and I grabbed the opportunity to apply right then. My circum vitae made it to the manager’s desk. Because I had done my homework it stood out. Therefore, they called me in for an interview. Of course, this is something I learned when I went to talked to HR.

Did I get the job? Well, that’s a story for another time. Subscribe, so you don’t miss that story!

What are your tips for landing and acing an interview?

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