Here is a post from my old tumblr account. We had a really good rain in my neck of the woods. It was so refreshing. I also want to write more, but I have this incurable case of writer’s block. What should I do?
Rain. Small droplets of water that fall from the clouds. It waters the earth –refreshing, revitalizing, life-giving. 

Earlier in the spring, I was peeking out the window at deluge of yet another flash rainstorm –here one minute gone the next. I was intrigued by the fact that felt safe inside. I might dash outside to enjoy some golden rays of sunshine or a midsummer breeze, but not refreshing, life-giving droplets of water. It seemed so odd.
My next opportunity, I went and stood out in the rain to more fully explore my newly discovered fear of rain.  As water drenched my hair and clothes and even my grey flats, I savored that nervous apprehension in the pit of my stomach. A clap of thunder echoes behind me. I forced myself to linger anyway.
My mind drifted to the latter rain. The powerful out pouring of the Holy Spirit when the character of Jesus is fully manifest in the Believers. Would I be eager to rush in side when that rainstorm came? Or worst, was rainstorm already here while I peeked at it from my window too nervous to step outside? In that case, what was I afraid of? Being drenched with the life-giving, revitalizing Spirit of Christ? I pray that it not be not so.


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