Thanks for the Sweater

Dear Romeo, Our story was like a fairytale something that only happens in the movies or novels. I could see you orbiting like a moth circles a flame. Gently enough that it showed your interest, but not enough that it was creepy. You were lingering in my peripheral vision. It wasn’t until you wandered back… Continue reading Thanks for the Sweater


Reflections from the 3 biggest cities in the U.S.

Last year, I did a little bit of traveling. Without even realizing it I visited three of the biggest cities in the United States. Quite by accident. If I had gone to a popular church conference (GYC for those who know) I would have made it to the fourth biggest city. I actually hate cites.… Continue reading Reflections from the 3 biggest cities in the U.S.


How to Throw a Successful Party

I am sure that there is a misconception that you simply throw some food and people together. Then, voila! A party emerges. Very funny! I might add a disclaimer. I am not at great party planner; however, I learned a lot from the experts as I planned a party for my grandmother earlier this month. Personalize… Continue reading How to Throw a Successful Party


How to Survive a Camping Trip in Joshua Tree in the Winter

I took advantage of the long weekend around President’s day to get out in nature. A friend invited me to join his ministry called F5 Challenge on a camping trip to Joshua Tree. It’s has been awhile since I have gone camping. I really miss the days of our annual pilgrimage to Redwood Campmeeting every summer.… Continue reading How to Survive a Camping Trip in Joshua Tree in the Winter


Memories at Rincon’s Lighthouse

I miss Puerto Rico, but I miss wandering around it with my siblings more. One of my favorite places was the El Faro de Rincón. It had so many facets around it to explore. You could tread over sand to the south or clamber over rocks to the north. You could see the flag planted… Continue reading Memories at Rincon’s Lighthouse


4 things you don’t want to miss when you go to Pico Rodadero

Over the summer before I left the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for the not as beautiful desert of California, my friend took me to this stunning mountain lookout in the hills of Yauco 2868 ft above sea level. This is not a famous tourist attraction. Even some Puerto Ricans have never heard of it.… Continue reading 4 things you don’t want to miss when you go to Pico Rodadero


Jenks Lake

After being in southern California for 6 weeks, I was tired of the barren wasteland around me and escaped to the San Bernardino mountains. It was so refreshing to breathe the fresh cool, air and see so much greenery. My ears popped with the altitude. I leaned into the rugged trail on the way up… Continue reading Jenks Lake


Five Free Hangouts in San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico is probably one of the most expensive places on the island. Tourism is a booming business and vendors expect visitors to be rolling in cash. Free public restrooms are rare, and the food downtown is a least $14 a plate. Places like El Morro (castle-like wall that surrounds San Juan Viejo)… Continue reading Five Free Hangouts in San Juan


A trip to Culebra, Puerto Rico

  Last Thanksgiving, a bunch of friends and I went on a trip to Culebra. It was a bit stressful being a poor student and trying to juggle costs, but was well worth it. The beach in Culebra is amazing. Definitely the highlight of my stay in Puerto Rico. Dining Food is really expensive in San… Continue reading A trip to Culebra, Puerto Rico