Nursing Notes

Nursing 10 Months In

It’s hard to believe that I have been practicing nursing for about 10 months. It’s already been over a year since I passed the NCLEX. I am pretty sure my coworkers are still highly skeptical of me; however, my patients adore me.  I am starting to feel at home even though I was highly skeptically… Continue reading Nursing 10 Months In

Giving Back

Reflections from AMEN clinic as a Medical Professional

In 2017, I went to my first AMEN clinic. I was a new nursing grad who was still studying for the NCLEX. That year I worked as a traffic controller/interpreter. I loved every moment of it. I was just a little bit curious what it would be like to serve in an AMEN clinic as… Continue reading Reflections from AMEN clinic as a Medical Professional

Nursing Notes

4 Secrets to Being a Better Nurse

“It works! It works!” cried my patient. Earlier, I had reset her tablet. It wasn’t working. She was very worried because she was already bored to death lying in her bed. “This doesn’t have to do with my sickness, but you looked smart,” she explained as she handed me the non-cooperative device. Her enthusiasm at… Continue reading 4 Secrets to Being a Better Nurse

Nursing Notes

Notes on Passing the NCLEX

  A few months ago, I undertook the mountainous task of taking my NCLEX-RN. I graduated from a tiny private school in the Caribbean called Antillean Adventist University. It is nestled in the mountains of the rural part of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The most beautiful thing about it was that I graduated with 0 student… Continue reading Notes on Passing the NCLEX