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Plant meat: Wheat Edition

  In accordance with popular demand (or Ashley), I am going to start sharing recipes every once in a while. Compared to the gourmet chefs that I have for a mom and a sister my cooking is very simple. However, my mother declared that no child of hers would leave the house without learning how… Continue reading Plant meat: Wheat Edition


Jenks Lake

After being in southern California for 6 weeks, I was tired of the barren wasteland around me and escaped to the San Bernardino mountains. It was so refreshing to breathe the fresh cool, air and see so much greenery. My ears popped with the altitude. I leaned into the rugged trail on the way up… Continue reading Jenks Lake


Five Free Hangouts in San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico is probably one of the most expensive places on the island. Tourism is a booming business and vendors expect visitors to be rolling in cash. Free public restrooms are rare, and the food downtown is a least $14 a plate. Places like El Morro (castle-like wall that surrounds San Juan Viejo)… Continue reading Five Free Hangouts in San Juan


West Coast Beaches in Puerto Rico

Probably the most famous beaches in the West are Crash Boat in Aguadilla and Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo (which I believe is a myth I don't think there is such a beach). However, those are not the only beaches in the West. Here are three of my favorite swimming beach out in the West.… Continue reading West Coast Beaches in Puerto Rico


A trip to Culebra, Puerto Rico

  Last Thanksgiving, a bunch of friends and I went on a trip to Culebra. It was a bit stressful being a poor student and trying to juggle costs, but was well worth it. The beach in Culebra is amazing. Definitely the highlight of my stay in Puerto Rico. Dining Food is really expensive in San… Continue reading A trip to Culebra, Puerto Rico